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Company Profile

Fit for the Future

AIXTRON is a leading manufacturer of DEPOSITION equipment for the SEMICONDUCTOR industry. Our systems are globally employed in the production of semiconductor DEVICES, addressing markets of varying development, from early stage emerging markets to mature application markets. Whether it be for the production of LEDS, power electronics, memory devices, organic electronics or nanomaterials – we deliver effective and critical key-enabling solutions for all of our globally based customers.

We are dedicated to innovation, with research and development at the heart of our business. Close global collaborations with renowned universities, research centers and industry partners allow us to transfer today's leading research into tomorrow's production equipment – enabling future applications with innovation and expertise.

Company Profile

AIXTRON is a leading manufacturer of DEPOSITION equipment, a critical element in the SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE manufacturing process. Our systems are used by our customers throughout the world addressing markets in different stages of development - from early stage emerging markets through to mature markets. These include DISPLAY technologies, data storage, data transmission, power management, energy conversion, communication, signaling, lighting applications and many other exciting high-technology applications.

AIXTRON has 964 employees based in all of the major international markets. Our headquarters are in Herzogenrath, Germany and we have subsidiaries in China, Sweden, the UK and the US, as well as sales and service offices in Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

AIXTRON is dedicated to research and development (R&D) and manages a network of cutting-edge R&D infrastructure located around the world, including a modern central R&D center at our headquarters. Through close collaboration with world renowned research centers, universities and industry partners worldwide, we remain at the forefront of innovation in complex material deposition. Our R&D investment of EUR 72.9m in 2012 is a clear sign of our consistent commitment to the future – even in these difficult economic times. Supplementing our own development of production systems for a diverse mix of applications, AIXTRON is also engaged in a number of publicly funded research projects, focused on promising future or emerging applications, e.g. in the fields of graphene, organic materials and power electronics. We are consequently uniquely positioned to both meet our customers' needs today, and pave the way for the future.

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Not only do we provide small-scale equipment specifically designed for R&D customers, but we also supply full production-scale material deposition systems for manufacturing customers with the appropriate technological solution designed specifically for their particular needs. This customer focused engineering obsession reflects our conviction that our customers are our greatest asset. As such, we provide intensive local support through our global service infrastructure. In China, for example, we operate a full demonstration and training center with AIXTRON's most advanced deposition technologies available on site. With the full process support of our cooperation partner in Suzhou; SINANO (Suzhou Institute of Nano-tech and Nano-bionics) we ensure that our customers can extract maximum value from our products.

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Focused on our strengths, we are 'Fit for the Future' – with a clear emphasis on efficient, customer-oriented, technological development; that is what AIXTRON will always stand for; Today, Tomorrow and Beyond.

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