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 is a leading manufacturer of DEPOSITION equipment for the SEMICONDUCTOR industry. Our systems are globally employed in the production of semiconductor DEVICES, addressing markets of varying development, from early stage emerging markets to mature application markets. Whether it be for the production of LEDS, power electronics, memory devices, organic electronics or nanomaterials – we deliver effective and critical key-enabling solutions for all of our globally based customers.




At a glance

Key Financials in EUR million

  2012 2011 2010 2012-2011
  Full Year Full Year Full Year pp
Revenues 227,8 611,0 783,8 -63
Gross profit 0,4 231,4 411,8 -100
Gross margin 0% 38% 53% -38
Operating result (EBIT) -132,3 112,9 275,5 -217
EBIT margin -58% 18% 35% -76
Net result -145,4 79,5 192,5 -283
Net result margin -64% 13% 25% -77 
Net result per share - basic (EUR) -1,44 0,79 1,93 -282
Net result per share - diluted (EUR) -1,43 0,78 1,89 -283
Free cash flow* -61,6 -36,2 95,9 70
Equipment Order Intake 131,4 513,4 748,3 -74
Equipment Order Backlog (end of period) 79,4 141,0 274,8 -44

*Operating CF + Investing CF + Changes in Cash Deposits

Letter to the Shareholders


Dear Shareholders,

2012 proved to be an exceptionally difficult year for AIXTRON largely due to the severe and extended macroeconomic headwinds the entire global economy has been suffering from.

We do however remain positive about both the mid-term and long-term outlook, and albeit muted, there are clear signs of stabilization particularly in the Euro zone as well as better than expected economic data out of Japan, China and the US.

The small increase in demand we saw in the second half of 2012 encourages us to believe that we have reached the bottom of the current cycle and we are continuing to see an improvement in our business environment, although at a very modest pace.


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